Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pattern Remix

While cruising some of my favorite blogs this past Monday, I came across Project Run and Play. It is a blogger's version of the show Project Runway but for kids clothes. How cute! This "season" of Project Run and Play started this week and they are allowing the blog readers to sew along each week with the designers. Readers get to submit their designs for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to - how cool!
So I decided to sew along. Why not? Even if I don't win the gift certificate, Erin gets a cute new outfit (hopefully - lol)
The challenge this week is a pattern remix using the Junebug dress by Jess at Craftiness is not Optional. This is the favorite blog I was viewing on Monday. Jess's stuff is so cute! She has really great tutorials for clothes and crafts. Definitely check her blog out!
Back to the remix! So the idea is to take the pattern and make it your own. I have never done this before so it was a definite challenge for me. I decided that it would be cute to make the dress into a jumpsuit so to speak.

Rough drawings of ideas
I printed out the pattern pieces for the Junebug dress and made the bodice longer but kept the 2T size (yes Erin still fits in a 2T at 4years old lol)

CINO pattern pieces on top - my modified pieces on the bottom
I then used a pattern I already had on hand for the pants. My idea was to piece together the top and the pants then attach them to create a jumpsuit. Wellllll, it didn't work out like I planned so I changed it up a little. I decide to make the outfit a separate and added a ruffle to the bottom of the bodice to create a cute top to go with the capri pants.
I cut two strips of fabric and folded them in half. Then ran a basting stitch along the unfinished edge to ruffle. And voila - I have a cute outfit for Erin to wear (when the weather gets warmer that is!)
And there it is! I wish I had some pics of Erin wearing it but she fell asleep before I finished =(  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
Well I am off to submit my remix to the Project Run and Play flickr group - wish me luck!



  1. Very Cute, Meghan. Good Luck!! (You are always a winner in my book)


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