Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter KCW - day 1 & 2

Today is day 2 of KCW. I spent day 1 cutting fabric for two items I'd like to sew for the week. I even did prep work on Sunday - go me not procrastinating this time! I usually have grand plans of what I am going to sew during KCW and never manage to sew everything I want, so this time I'm keeping it simple. I only have plans for sewing three items and if I sew more - awesome. But if I only get to the three things I planned on that's okay. I need to stop stressing about sewing entire wardrobes in one week and just focus on the joy of actually sewing. And I really enjoyed sewing this first item, mistakes and all:

Looks pretty good on the hanger, right? Oh wait, what's that pleat in the back? Oh yeah, I didn't take into account that there was like zero stretch in the fabric I used for the cowl piece and had to create a pleat in the back bodice to help make the cowl line up so I could sew it on. Okay not a horrible disaster.....and then Erin came home from school and I had her try it on:

Uhhh... it's a wee bit too big on the tiny lass! I cut a 6, I really should have cut a 5 - then I could have used the 6 cowl piece and I probably wouldn't have had a problem. And hindsight is 20/20.

So the overall fit isn't terrible. The sleeves are too long but I'll fix that (who am i kidding here). The back doesn't look fabulous. The pleat makes the sleeves too pulled in *sigh*. I had similar fit issues last week with this peanut. I really need to pay more attention to her measurements when selecting pattern size. Please don't let my mistakes fool you - this is an AWESOME pattern!! The instructions are great and the sweater sewed up pretty quick. It's also the first time I used my serger for the entire garment construction. I usually baste with my machine first but that just adds unnecessary time. I was always scared of attaching sleeves using just the serger but I went slow remembering to remove the pins before they even got close to the knife. Despite my miscalculations, I really love this sweater! I love it so much I wish it came in my size. I am definitely thinking of ways to use the paisley for a shirt or shift dress for myself.

The Details:
The Pattern: Bimaa Sweater by LouBee Clothing patterns size 6
The Fabric: main sweater - Sew Classic Knit Interlock in Tile Blue from Joann Fabric and for the cowl - Sew Classic Peachskin in Ocean Paisley from Joann Fabric
Trims/Notions: none

Pretty good start to KCW despite my lame sizing for my little girl. I hope to not make this mistake again. I just get so nervous that if I modify the pattern too much it won't fit or sew up right. Ugh, anyone else have these issues?

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls

For Christmas, I received The Cottage Mama's beautiful new book Sew Classic Clothes For Girls from my mother in law (Thank you Jan!). The pictures of the clothes alone are just gorgeous and the patterns are all so cute and very versatile. You can create different variations of the same pattern for a unique look each time. I love when patterns are like that!

I decided to make Erin the Classic A-line dress with long sleeves. I used the ruffle option on the sleeves and also added a ruffle to the collar - not an option in the book but I'll tell you how I did it in a bit. I am reeeeallly trying to use fabric from my stash and not purchase any new fabric until I use what I have. (Okay, I already broke my own resolution last week with some new fabric. But hey, I had gift cards and coupons so it was really free so it doesn't count) So both fabrics are from my stash and I didn't save any of the smaller scraps just pieces that were big enough to use again. I also need to purge my scrap fabric. I have been holding on to the smallest pieces thinking I will use them again and I don't. Some of the scraps are almost 3 years old...it's time to say good-bye. Anyway, tangent girl that I am, Erin really likes her new dress and even wore it to school yesterday. I love the look of it but realize that I should have made her an even smaller size. I traced the 4 width but used the 6 length. I really should of traced the 2 width for this petite pumpkin. The dress is noticeable too big but luckily, only from the side and back as you can see in the pics below.

She still loves it and says she doesn't care but it irks me. Not so much that I will take it apart and redo it, oh no, I already took the neckline apart once and really don't want to do it again. You see, I had a vision of this cute ruffle collar and that vision did not work the first time so I had to rip out my stitches and start over. No big deal usually except I had already took pinking sheers to the seam allowance so I had very little seam allowance to work with when I put it back together again *sigh*. The second ruffle collar is the one you see here and it came out just the way I wanted. I used the size 4 ruffle pattern piece from the oliver & S School Photo Dress and followed the instructions on how to attach the collar from that pattern. I like how the collar matches the sleeves and combined with the fabric, it kind of has a little retro vibe to it.

The Details:
The Pattern: Classic A-line dress with ruffle sleeve option from Sew Classic Clothes for Girls size 4 width size 6 length. oliver & S School Photo dress ruffle collar pattern
The Fabric: paisley corduroy from Joann clearance section for main dress. white Kona cotton for ruffles. Nicey Jane Hop Dots in cherry for the lining (purchased from Fabric.com but I don't see it there or on the Heather Bailey site either)
Trims/Notions: white button from my stash

I have plans to sew another variation of the Classic A-line for KCW next week. And I will definitely make the necessary modifications to get a proper fit on my little peanut ;)

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Betty Top Blog Tour


 Hello to all of you who are here from sewpony! Thanks for stopping by to check out my version of The Little Betty Top for the blog tour. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of pattern testing this sweet little top for the very talented Suz and now I get to continue the fun on the blog tour! It is a super cute top and I love how it has a bit of an 80s vibe to it. It definitely reminds me of a top I wore when I was Erin's age.

The pattern runs from size six months up to eight years and has three different sleeve options. My favorite detail is the sweet ruffles that run down the upper part of the bodice.


The ruffles extend to the back of the bodice where there is a cute button closure at the neckline.

This top was so fun to make and Suz's instructions were very easy to follow. She includes lots of great pictures along with each step to help guide you with your sewing.

The Details:
The pattern: The Little Betty Top by sewpony Vintage size 6

The fabric: Both from The Doodles collection at Joann Fabric. The turquoise has glitter in it that you can't see in the pictures.
Trims/Notions: fabric covered button

The turquoise fabric that I used for the cuffs and bottom band are regular interlock jersey not rib knit like the pattern suggests. I used rib knit on my test version and loved how it came out but wanted to try regular jersey for this version. Plus, there was not much of an option in the rib knit department at Joann and I wanted something that coordinated with the colors in the butterfly fabric.

Learn more about the Little Betty top over at sewpony. To purchase the pattern head on over to sewpony Vintage. Use the code BETTYTOUR1 during the course of the tour to purchase the pattern for $7AUD.

The tour continues through the 21st so make sure you check in at sewpony to see the rest of the adorable Little Betty tops!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4 Years Old

This little guy is four years old today! Four! Not a baby or toddler anymore but a big kid! Happy birthday to our adorable, funny, smart, lil ham! You make our family complete!

Here are four things about you on your fourth birthday:

1. your favorite color is orange.

2. you LOVE cars, trucks and legos. They are your favorites things to play with.

3. you do not use the pronoun "I". Every sentence that should start with "I" you replace with "my". ie: "My like to play with legos." "My like cookies." "My tired." It is very cute!

4. you are very funny and can quote movie lines like a champ! Favorites being Home Alone and Despicable Me.

Happy Birthday John Michael!!!! aka lil ham, Mad Jack, Jack Man Jack, Jack the Kid, Jack Attack! ;)
Mommy, Daddy and Erin love you so much!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

An exciting start to the year!

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all had a great start to the year. Things have been busy trying to get back into the swing of school after having two extra days off due to the snow that hit us here in the Northeast, my niece turned one (ONE!!)  and I had a pattern testing gig to start of the year (more on that later this week!) And to add to the excitement....Erin lost her first tooth this weekend!

The tooth had been wiggly for awhile but not real loose. I really thought I had another two or three weeks before it would come out. But no, on Friday night I was at a spin class (first one ever it was intense!) and Kevin sent me a picture of a grinning little lady missing a tooth! She was building Legos with Jack and used her teeth to separate two Legos and out the tooth popped! I was so excited for her and a little sad that I missed it! I didn't get home until after the kids were in bed, so Kevin told Erin that the tooth fairy would come the following night since mommy didn't get to see the tooth or hear the story of how she lost it. He is a good man that husband of mine! Especially since the poor kid had no where to put the tooth since mama has been slacking in the sewing of the tooth fairy pillow department! I drew up a template of a tooth months ago in preparation of making the pillow. I just never cut it out. The great procrastinator - that's me! Something I should really work on in 2014.

So since the tooth fairy was going to be a day late, it gave me the chance to make the pillow that I had planned out months ago.  It was a pretty quick sew and the result is cute. Not really what I had envisioned but that's what I get for procrastinating. Erin likes it so I'm not going to beat myself up too much.

The Details:
Pattern: self drafted
Fabric: old white pillow case, scrap of fabric for pocket and purple tulle
Trims/Notions: black fabric paint and poly-fill
The pillow was super easy to make. Just cut out two pieces of tooth shaped fabric from the white pillow case and added a little pocket to the back piece. I folded a piece of 6" wide x 40" long tulle in half width wise and then ran a gathering stitch along the raw edge. I gathered the tulle to the desired length then stitched it to the front side of the tooth. I used a tight zig zag stitch to create the mouth. I put the pieces right side together and sewed around leaving a small opening so I could stuff it with poly-fill. Then I sewed up the opening and painted on the eyes.
I did try to sew eyes onto the pillow using some black fabric but the zig zag stitch around the fabric looked terrible so I just decided to paint them on instead. The eyes and mouth are not perfect and not really what I wanted. I forgot to add some stabilizer to the back and the mouth came out a little wonky. I had wanted to use embroidery thread for the eyes and mouth but I was out of pink and since I needed the pillow to be done for that night, I didn't have time to run out and get some. Oh well. Maybe this will teach me not to procrastinate - yeah right - I'm hopeless ha! 
Well not that hopeless - while I was cutting out Erin's pillow, I did cut out one for Jack too. Hopefully I sew it before he starts losing teeth! But there are other projects in the works so I am forced to procrastinate ha!
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