Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Something for the Little Man

Tomorrow my little man turns 2! I cannot believe he is going to be two already. The time seems to be going by too fast. Tomorrow also happens to be the NFC Divisional playoff game between the Giants and the Packers. Being big Giants fans here in the McKenna house, I thought I would personalize a shirt for Jack to wear for the game and his birthday.
I took a Giants t-shirt that he already had and added his name and the number two to the back of the shirt. It was a really quick and easy process and required no sewing. All you need is an iron, Steam-a-Seam (or a similar product) the "applique" stencil and some fabric.
So I first printed out Jack's name and the number 2 onto some computer paper. I chose a font that I thought looked a bit like one you would find on a football jersey. I cut out the letters and number. I then ironed some plain white cotton fabric to a piece of the Steam-a-Seam (you need to peel off one side of the paper first to expose one of the sticky sides-there are directions on the package).

iron down fabric to sticky side
There will still be a piece of paper left, that is where I traced my letters and number. I traced the letters and number backwards so that it would be the right way when I ironed them down onto the shirt.

traced letters and number - please ignore my HORRIBLE ironing board cover-replacing it is on the to do/sew list ;)
I cut the letters and number out, peeled off the remaining paper and placed them where I wanted them on the back of the shirt. I then ironed everything down.
And there you have it - A personalized tee for my little man to wear for his 2nd birthday! You could of course sew the letters and number down once you have them ironed in place but it is not necessary.

Happy Birthday Jack and GO BIG BLUE!

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