Thursday, February 19, 2015

February "Free for All" - Kids pants by MADE

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by from  Frances Suzanne to see my contribution to the February "Free for All".  I think the whole Flip this Pattern series that Ashley and Emily are running is so great! There has been a lot of inspiration so far this month. For my free pattern, I chose the Kids Pants pattern/tutorial from Dana at MADE.  Dana's is one of the first blogs that I started to follow and the first garment I ever made for Erin, I made using her shirt dress tutorial.

Dana's pants tutorial and pant pattern was a staple of mine for Jack. The instructions are so clear and easy to follow and Dana has a lot of pictures to help you along. I made quite a few pairs of pants and some shorts for Jack using the free pattern that Dana offered. The pattern is size 2T/3T but she also walks you through how to make your own pant pattern. Not only does she have the pant tutorial but she has additional tutorials for adding things like pockets and linings. Lots of good info over there on MADE!

few of the pants I've made Jack in the past:

So in trying to keep with the "free" theme for the month, I used some free fabric that I had to make some comfy lounge pants with pockets for Jack. The weather has been very cold and we have had lots of snow so far this winter. The kids have been having a blast going sleigh riding pretty much every day so I thought some comfy pants to change into after a day of sleigh riding would be perfect.

They pass the lounge test for sure!

The Details:
The Pattern: MADE kid pant tutorial and pocket tutorial I just used a pair of sweats that fit Jack well as a guide
The Fabric: from an old pair of pj pants of my husbands that were a sample pair given to him by a friend who worked for Nautica
Trims/Notions: 1/4" elastic which I really need to switch out for 3/4"....I only had 1/4" on hand and forgot to pick up 3/4" last time I was at Joann!

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure you check out the other contributors today. Don't forget to join in the fun yourself by linking your creation made with a free pattern or tutorial to the linky party over at Frances Suzanne!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Free For All

Hello out there! It has been for-EVER since I last posted. It has also been forever since I really sewed something too. I kinda took some time off without really meaning to. I spent the summer training for my first half marathon and hanging out by the lake with my kiddies. It was lots of fun and left me little time for sewing and/or blogging. Little desire to sew or blog too. I was enjoying being outside too much. I did sew a couple things but never got them photographed to blog about them. Then the holidays were creeping up, a time when I normally sewed up a storm, and I realized I was missing this little space but still needed a reason to start up again. I kinda lost my sewing mojo so to speak. Then came an email from Ashley and Emily of Frances Suzanne asking if I wanted to help in kicking off the spring season of Flip This Pattern. I took it as a sign - just what I needed to kick start my own sewing again. I immediately signed up and am so happy to be participating in:

Over the next two weeks a ton of other sewing bloggers will be sharing their favorite FREE patterns and tutorials from around the interwebs. Here is a list of  all the awesome contributors I am super excited to be a part of!

Head over to Frances Suzanne to see all the details. There is a linky party currently set up so you can share your favorite free pattern/tutorial. And tomorrow a second linky party opens up that you don't want to miss!

I can't wait to share my favorite free pattern with you and get back my sewing mojo too!