Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

We had a great Halloween yesterday. The kids had so much fun trick or treating with their friends and wearing their costumes. The little man was Spiderman. He loved wearing his costume (well the jumpsuit part not the mask lol) and he loved getting candy! Each time we left a house he would run down the drive way and yell "More candy" So cute!
Erin just loved her Cinderella costume that I made her! It was pretty easy to sew. Only the zipper gave me trouble - my machine went a little crazy while trying to put in the zipper but (thankfully) I was able to fix it. She was so excited to try it on and wanted to wear it all day! It really is such a good feeling when she loves something I make for her! And the costume cost less than a store bought costume - bonus! The pattern was on sale at Joann's for $0.99 and the fabric was on sale as well plus I had a coupon! Yay for coupons!

It was really so much fun watching the kids run around in their costumes and check out their loot...they even shared with the adults ;)
Trick or Treat

Taking a break

What did I get?

Peanut butter cups! Your favorite! - she knows me so well ;)
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something for the Little Man

So as not to make the Little Man feel left out, I am working on a quilt for Jack. Not that he realizes that I have made a few things for Erin and nothing for him but I do! I have been meaning to make him something for awhile. I bought this cute fabric bundle at Joann's a few months ago and it has been sitting in my stash since.

I love the cute little bears and it fits the future theme of his room. As of now his room is still decorated in green and yellow with the frog nursery bedding that I registered for when I was pregnant with Erin. I want to make his room more "boy". I am going to paint (and by this I mean have my husband paint ;)) the room blue and tan. The theme will be transportation -lots of cars and trucks and boats and airplanes, so this bundle works perfectly.
I have not made a blanket before so I am just making it up as I go! I cut the fabric pieces into 8 1/4" squares and then arranged them the way a liked best - which took several tries! I wound up using some navy blue fabric that I had to make some addition squares to get the look I was going for:

(I should have closed the blinds before I took this pic!)

Sewing the squares together is so far pretty easy. It is the binding that I am not looking forward to! I will have to search for a tutorial on how to do that part. It is a work in progress =)

                     The squares all sewn together - next thing to tackle...putting it all together ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sew Along fun!

I participated in my first sew along over at The Cottage Home two weeks ago. It was so much fun! The directions were easy to follow and the pattern is very versatile. You can make a blouse with carpi pants or shorts or a dress. It comes with a pattern for a flower embellishment as well that I used for the blouse and to make a matching hair clip. This was the first outfit that I have sewn from a pattern and I am very pleased with how it came out. Even better Erin just loves it! I am definitely going to make another outfit for Erin using this pattern - maybe the dress next time =)

                                                                     Front of outfit
                                                        Back of outfit and capri pants                
                                                                   Erin hamming it up!
                                                                Sweet little girl!
                                             Loving her outfit! That is what makes it worth it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Item!

I am very excited to introduce a new item for sale...Gadget Cases! These cases are great for storing various gadgets that you may have. It fits most cell phones, smart phones, iPods, even small digital cameras. There is a pocket on the interior of the case where you can store your ID, money, ear buds for your iPod, extra battery for your camera or stickers (which is what my 3 1/2 year old told me!) There is a small bolt snap on the side of the case so that you can attach your case to your keys, pocket book or belt loop. A Velcro tab closure keeps your items safely inside. A great item for traveling light on outings.(or to help you travel light on outings...with two kiddies under the age of four "traveling light" is still a foreign concept!)
As with my other items, fabric choice is up to you! Choose two coordinating fabrics from the fabric sets on the right side of the page - one for the exterior fabric and one for the interior fabric. Gadget Cases are lined with cotton batting and interfacing to keep your gadgets cozy. Cost of the Gadget Case is $15.00.
                                                                   Gadget Case in Delovely
                                                                                 fits iPods
                                      and small digital cameras (sorry this pic is not great-I took it with my phone)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eyeglass Cases

Looking for a stylish way to keep your eyeglass or sunglass safe? Or perhaps a place to store the power cord for your e-reader? Well look no further! My eyeglass cases are made of two coordinating fabrics with cotton batting and interfacing sewn in between to keep your glasses cozy. You can also use the case to store your power cord for your e-reader. Choose any two fabrics from my coordinating sets, one fabric for the exterior and one for the interior lining. Glasses are kept safe inside with a Velcro tab closure.

                         Eyeglass Cases shown in Daisy Remix and Happier Garden Flowers

                                                       Use to store your eyeglasses or sunglasses....

                                                   Or the power cord for your e-reader!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paperback Book Cover

I love getting new books. I also love keeping them looking new. What better way then with a book cover!
My paperback book covers are made from 100% cotton designer fabric with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon sewn in for a bookmark. I use two coordinating fabrics for the book cover: one fabric for the outer cover and another for the lining inside. The book covers are designed to fit paperbacks that measure up to
8 1/4" long by 5 1/2" wide (trade paperback size). (Smaller paperbacks or mass market paperbacks will not fit securely into these covers.)
As with my e-reader covers, you may choose the fabric that you wish your cover to have from the fabric sets listed on the right side of the page. Choose one fabric for the cover and one for the inside lining.
                                          Paperback Cover in Sugar and Spice Spice Flower

Pockets on each side for front and back covers of book to slip into
                          Coordinating grosgrain ribbon bookmark to hold your place                                     


 Welcome! I am so excited to share my creations with you. I hope you are able to find something that you like!
The e-reader cover pictured is made for the Kindle Wi-Fi with 6" display. If you have another kind of e-reader such as the Nook, Nook Color, or Kobo just let me know and I can make a cover to fit the dimensions of your e-reader.
I use 100% cotton designer fabric for my covers and really like fun bright prints. The e-reader cover has a velcro tab closure. There are corner tabs on the inside to secure your e-reader while reading. Opposite the side with the tabs are three pockets. One large pocket for storing your e-reader when not in use or for storing notes. And two side by side pockets for storing your library card, credit card, I.D. or gift cards.
The e-readers are made using three different coordinating fabrics: one for the outside cover and tab with velcro, one for the inside and small pockets, and one for the corner tabs and large pocket. I order my fabric in coordinating sets. You may choose which ever set you like and I will make your cover from your selection. (Fabric sets are found on the right side of the page)

Happier Gardens Kindle Cover

                                                  Corner tabs keep your e-reader in place
                                                    Front cover folds back for easy reading
                                           e-reader stores in large side pocket when not in use