Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great day filled with family and lots of fun. Santa came to our house Christmas Eve morning since we would not be home Christmas Day. I wrote a special letter to Santa to ask him if he could arrive a day early - the kids were thrilled that he agreed ;)
Every Christmas Eve we go to my in-laws for a big party. We have a lot of fun catching up with the family members we don't see often, enjoying lots of food and singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The singing is the highlight of the night! Everyone gets their own part and we go around the room singing the song and in some cases acting out the part. It is so fun!
This year I decide to make outfits for the kids to wear Christmas Eve. I purchased the Oliver & S Playdate dress pattern a few months ago and knew that was the dress Erin would wear. I thought that the dress would look so cute in a plaid fabric with a white fabric for the yoke. I found some Burberry style plaid that would be perfect for the dress and used the same plaid in the collar and placket of a polo shirt for Jack.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

I didn't add the pockets to the Playdate dress simply because I was running out of time and just didn't want an extra step. I am definitely going to sew this dress again because I just love how it came out and will be sure to add the pockets next time! This was my first Oliver & S pattern and I am definitely hooked! The instructions were very clear and informative. Next up is the Puppet Show Tunic and Shorts pattern which I purchased at the same time. I already have the fabric picked out for it.  Can't wait to see how that one turns out!
For Jack's polo shirt, I used a Burda Style pattern that I purchased from their website. This pattern was not very easy to follow. I had to search the Internet for a tutorial on how to insert a placket into a shirt because the instructions given with the pattern were just not clear. I found a great tutorial for inserting a placket here. It made the process so much easier and I will definitely make more polo shirts for Jack in the future and probably even some for Erin. I also changed the sleeve pattern to long sleeve instead of short.
I love how their outfits turned out and they did too! We had such fun Christmas Eve and Christmas day with our family and I hope you all did too!
Merry Christmas from the McKenna Family!