Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something for the Little Man

So as not to make the Little Man feel left out, I am working on a quilt for Jack. Not that he realizes that I have made a few things for Erin and nothing for him but I do! I have been meaning to make him something for awhile. I bought this cute fabric bundle at Joann's a few months ago and it has been sitting in my stash since.

I love the cute little bears and it fits the future theme of his room. As of now his room is still decorated in green and yellow with the frog nursery bedding that I registered for when I was pregnant with Erin. I want to make his room more "boy". I am going to paint (and by this I mean have my husband paint ;)) the room blue and tan. The theme will be transportation -lots of cars and trucks and boats and airplanes, so this bundle works perfectly.
I have not made a blanket before so I am just making it up as I go! I cut the fabric pieces into 8 1/4" squares and then arranged them the way a liked best - which took several tries! I wound up using some navy blue fabric that I had to make some addition squares to get the look I was going for:

(I should have closed the blinds before I took this pic!)

Sewing the squares together is so far pretty easy. It is the binding that I am not looking forward to! I will have to search for a tutorial on how to do that part. It is a work in progress =)

                     The squares all sewn together - next thing to tackle...putting it all together ;)