Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Please take a moment out of your day to remember all the fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedom. God Bless America and our military!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little vintage dress

Have you been following the Vintage May Series over at Skirt as Top and Craftiness is Not Optional? I was so excited when they ran the series last year and even more excited that they did it again this year! I love all things vintage. I really love the 1950's. My parents were little kids then and I love to look through their baby pictures. The style of clothing was just so cute for little kids and my grandmothers' dresses and coats were so pretty too. I even like the furniture and the look of the appliances. Growing up, I taught myself to read with my dad's first grade reader: The New We Come and Go. I wish I could find the book, I am sure it is at my parent's house somewhere. Here is a link to a copy for sale on I love the illustrations in this book. And the stories were so simple and easy to read for a little person. It was my favorite book when I was little.

My inspiration for Erin's little vintage dress came from my dad's book and also from this dress that Lindsay from The Cottage Home made for last year's Vintage May series. I just love this dress! The piping, the puff sleeves, the Peter Pan collar - swoon! I knew I needed to make a little dress like that for Erin and I even had some Denyse Schmidt fabric in my stash that had the perfect vintage vibe for such a dress. But, I never got around to it. I even had a great photo shoot in mind of Erin riding her tricycle down my parent's street - all the houses on their street were built in the 1940's plus I grew up in the same house my dad did - perfect "vintage" setting!

So this year when the announcement was made that the Vintage May series was happening, I grabbed my fabric, cut out my dress and got to sewing - the day before the series was ending of course! (procrastinator over here!) I did cut all my pieces out on Monday but I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted for the lining so I sat on the project until today. Today I had the brilliant idea of only doing a facing in the dress so I didn't need as much of the fabric as with a full lining - genius! Ha!

I used The Cottage Mama's Janey Jumper pattern and the sleeve portion of the Addison Dress by Modkid. I also added a Peter Pan collar and red piping in the collar and between the sleeve and arm band. I used grosgrain ribbon for a tie closure instead of the button and loop closure the pattern suggests. The fabric is from the Picnic collection by DS Quilts for Joann (sadly they no longer have it). The dress is a size four with size five length. It fits perfectly and came out just the way I imagined - love when that happens! 

So while I didn't get to travel down to my parent's house for a tricycle photo shoot (its  Retro Red Radio Flyer Tricycle too), I had a vintage book on hand for Erin to sit and read in her new vintage dress :)

The Jolly Book for Boys and Girls (it was my grandmother's)
Mommy someone wrote their name in here!

grosgrain ribbon closure

something very sweet about this pic, i had to add it!

and this last pic is just me having fun with tints on pic monkey ;)


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bedsheet to Bubble Dress

When An from Straight Grain first released her Bubble Dress pattern, I jumped right over to Etsy and purchased it. I think it is such an adorable pattern and I had just the "fabric" in mind to make one! I had other projects that I was trying to finish before a started a new one, I tend to do that and wind up with a bunch of WIP, I'm really trying to just finish one at a time. Anyway, I did not get around to the dress right away and thought that KCW would be the perfect time to whip it up. Welll, that didn't happen either and it came to be the Friday before Mother's day and I had no choice but to sew the dress because I wanted Erin to wear it that Sunday for my niece's Christening. Story. Of. My. Life. I'm working on not procrastinating as well....its a work in progress :)

I love this little dress! It didn't take too long to complete either. I started at around 7:30 and finished at about midnight. I took a couple of breaks in between, tuck kids into bed, chat with my mom on the phone, tuck boy child back into bed for a second time, etc. The only thing I wish I did was sew the size four instead of the size five. The bodice is a bit big on her but she says she doesn't mind she likes it roomy. I would be happier with a better fit though so I think the next one I sew her I will use the size four but the size five length.

Erin had a grand old time twirling around in her bubble dress and also telling everyone that I made it out of a bed sheet! It is true - the fabric is from the top sheet of our old bedding set. I love the paisley print and when we upgraded to a king bed, I had no use for the full sheet set but didn't want to part with it either. I knew I could re purpose it. The lining and collar for the dress is made form a very pale blue pillow case that went with the sheets. The pillowcase is super soft so it made the perfect lining for the dress.

hammin' it up!

I really do love this print and I have enough left over to make myself a skirt. Not so sure I will wear the skirt on the same day that Erin wears the dress but I do think it will make a pretty skirt and I don't want any of the fabric to go to waste ;)

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring top sewing

So last week, I posted about the Amelie Bag from Sew What You Love: The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever. It was the first project that I made from this book and I love it! The second project that I made from this book is the Everyday Tunic. There are two main reasons that I chose this project, the first being the Spring Top Sew Along is still going on over on Made by Rae and this year I was determined to finally sew along (I have a Washi tunic that I started too). The second, it only has two pattern pieces. That's right, only two. A quick and easy project which was perfect because I sewed this tunic up during KCW. I know, I know, you are only supposed to sew for the kids that week but I was using the same purple knit for this tunic that I used for Erin's Beachy Boatneck and figured while I had the purple thread and the ball point needle already in my machine I might as well just bang out the tunic for me.

It really was very quick to sew. It is just two seams. Then all I had to do was fold the neckline in, the sleeves and the bottom hem and run a zigzag stitch around to finish them. Easy Peasy. My kind of project, especially when sewing for myself. This is the first article of clothing that I have sewn for myself! Okay well the first that I have completed anyway. I did start the Washi tunic the week before but didn't have any interfacing for the facings. So that is sitting off to the side for now - I will finish it this weekend!!

Anyway, the Everyday Tunic is super comfy and washes very nicely. I have worn it quite a bit and really should get some more knit so I can make a couple more. I think my husband is sick of seeing me in the same shirt all the time! I sewed the medium but probably could have gotten away with the small. I do wear a tank top under it only because the neckline will shift. I think if I made the small that could remedy the issue. We shall see on the next one.

And now for some awkward pictures of me posing in my tunic :) Seriously, I had no idea what to do. It felt weird to stand there and have my husband take pictures of me. Despite the mini model melt downs that can occur, I much rather photograph the kids than have mine taken ha!

trying not to laugh

oh what is that on my shirt?

the cool i'm not looking at the camera pose ha!

See what I mean? Awkwaaard lol!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flipping Over This News!

So, I have a really exciting announcement to make!! I am just "flipping" over here to share this awesome news! The lovely ladies, Emily and Ashley, who blog over at Frances Suzanne are running a year long sewing series called Flip This Pattern and I am going to be competing in it!!! AHHH!!! So awesome!!!


I was jumping out of my seat when I read the email last month asking if I'd like to sign up for this series. Me!? Really?! Umm yes of course! Have you seen the awesome creations these ladies come up with for their nieces? Of course I would want to be a part of a series that they created! And the line up of bloggers that they have is incredible! I am still in shock that I will be participating with all these talented women. Just check out the list below and you will understand why I am so excited:

See what I mean? I am super excited that I will be competing against and sewing along with these amazingly talented bloggers. And also a little intimidated - not gonna lie!
The whole premise of the series is to take a pattern and "flip" it. Make it your own in a way through fabric choice or embellishments. And the patterns are all amazing. They really don't need any flipping as they can be made just how they are written and still be awesome. Here is the list of patterns and the month they are going to be featured:

Every pattern listed is so awesome and I can't wait to sew up Figgy's Sunki Tunic and Leggings! So while I'm not competing until October, I already have a billion ideas and a secret Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration for this pattern. Can you tell I'm excited?!
Not only will you be able to follow along and see what the participants are creating, there will be a sew along linky party as well. So don't just sit back and watch, get your machines ready so you can participate in the fun and don't forget to grab a button!

Flip This


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A little sewing for me!

Last Christmas, I received the sewing book Sew What You Love: The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever by Tanya Whelan. There are so many cute items in this book to sew up, complete with patterns, I do not know why it took me so long to make something! The first project I decided to sew was the Amelie Bag. I already had the perfect fabric picked out for this bag, Amy Butler Lotus Morning Glory Linen. I have been hoarding this fabric for just the right project and I think it makes a great choice for this bag!

The instructions were very easy to follow and the bag came together rather quickly. I lined the inside with Amy Butler Lotus Full Moon in Slate. I did make a couple of changes to the pattern. I added an extra pocket on the inside and a snap hook as well to attach my keys to. I really like having pockets inside my bags. Helps keep everything organized especially in a bag this size.

inside of bag - kinda hard to see the pockets
so here is another pic with the pockets stuffed!

The Amelie Bag can really hold a ton of stuff. There are two size options for the bag and I went with the larger of the two. The finished dimensions of the bag are 38" wide by 24" tall. I usually have way more things stuffed inside this bag than are pictured above. There is usually an extra pair of pants and underwear for the little guy (we are in the middle of potty training hell fun), snacks, toys, my sanity ;)

As much as I like how the bag turned out, there are two things that I will do differently when I make another one. The first is to use sew-in interfacing instead of fusible - I used what I had on hand but am not really happy with the fusible for this particular project. The second, I will move the pockets up more on the inside. The instructions have you place the pocket 1" from the bottom of the bag. As it is, I moved the pockets up 2" and they are still too low. I would like the pockets closer to the top of the bag for easier access. Other than that, its great!

Up next from this book, The Everyday Knit Tunic - post to follow!

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