Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring top sewing

So last week, I posted about the Amelie Bag from Sew What You Love: The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever. It was the first project that I made from this book and I love it! The second project that I made from this book is the Everyday Tunic. There are two main reasons that I chose this project, the first being the Spring Top Sew Along is still going on over on Made by Rae and this year I was determined to finally sew along (I have a Washi tunic that I started too). The second, it only has two pattern pieces. That's right, only two. A quick and easy project which was perfect because I sewed this tunic up during KCW. I know, I know, you are only supposed to sew for the kids that week but I was using the same purple knit for this tunic that I used for Erin's Beachy Boatneck and figured while I had the purple thread and the ball point needle already in my machine I might as well just bang out the tunic for me.

It really was very quick to sew. It is just two seams. Then all I had to do was fold the neckline in, the sleeves and the bottom hem and run a zigzag stitch around to finish them. Easy Peasy. My kind of project, especially when sewing for myself. This is the first article of clothing that I have sewn for myself! Okay well the first that I have completed anyway. I did start the Washi tunic the week before but didn't have any interfacing for the facings. So that is sitting off to the side for now - I will finish it this weekend!!

Anyway, the Everyday Tunic is super comfy and washes very nicely. I have worn it quite a bit and really should get some more knit so I can make a couple more. I think my husband is sick of seeing me in the same shirt all the time! I sewed the medium but probably could have gotten away with the small. I do wear a tank top under it only because the neckline will shift. I think if I made the small that could remedy the issue. We shall see on the next one.

And now for some awkward pictures of me posing in my tunic :) Seriously, I had no idea what to do. It felt weird to stand there and have my husband take pictures of me. Despite the mini model melt downs that can occur, I much rather photograph the kids than have mine taken ha!

trying not to laugh

oh what is that on my shirt?

the cool i'm not looking at the camera pose ha!

See what I mean? Awkwaaard lol!
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