Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bedsheet to Bubble Dress

When An from Straight Grain first released her Bubble Dress pattern, I jumped right over to Etsy and purchased it. I think it is such an adorable pattern and I had just the "fabric" in mind to make one! I had other projects that I was trying to finish before a started a new one, I tend to do that and wind up with a bunch of WIP, I'm really trying to just finish one at a time. Anyway, I did not get around to the dress right away and thought that KCW would be the perfect time to whip it up. Welll, that didn't happen either and it came to be the Friday before Mother's day and I had no choice but to sew the dress because I wanted Erin to wear it that Sunday for my niece's Christening. Story. Of. My. Life. I'm working on not procrastinating as well....its a work in progress :)

I love this little dress! It didn't take too long to complete either. I started at around 7:30 and finished at about midnight. I took a couple of breaks in between, tuck kids into bed, chat with my mom on the phone, tuck boy child back into bed for a second time, etc. The only thing I wish I did was sew the size four instead of the size five. The bodice is a bit big on her but she says she doesn't mind she likes it roomy. I would be happier with a better fit though so I think the next one I sew her I will use the size four but the size five length.

Erin had a grand old time twirling around in her bubble dress and also telling everyone that I made it out of a bed sheet! It is true - the fabric is from the top sheet of our old bedding set. I love the paisley print and when we upgraded to a king bed, I had no use for the full sheet set but didn't want to part with it either. I knew I could re purpose it. The lining and collar for the dress is made form a very pale blue pillow case that went with the sheets. The pillowcase is super soft so it made the perfect lining for the dress.

hammin' it up!

I really do love this print and I have enough left over to make myself a skirt. Not so sure I will wear the skirt on the same day that Erin wears the dress but I do think it will make a pretty skirt and I don't want any of the fabric to go to waste ;)

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  1. i love this pattern too. I tested it for An, and made a little one for my baby but seeing this makes me want to make one for my big girl for a wedding we are going to this week! It's such a fun dress!

    1. Erin had the best time running and twirling in this dress! I loved the little bubble dress you made for your daughter. I think your older one would love one and it would make a great dress to wear to a wedding!


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