Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week day 1-4

Oh how I wish I had more than one garment to show you all since it is day four of KCW but alas, I do not. I started day one with fabric selection (even posted a pic of it on Facebook), then I printed out all the patterns that I want to use and pieced them together. Day two, I cut out all the pattern pieces that I needed for the clothes that I want to sew. First two days pretty productive.

Day three...well day three I didn't do anything. I didn't feel all that great and since my husband was off from work, I took a nap - right in the middle of the day! I have not done that since, well I can't remember! I'm not going to lie, it felt great and I felt much better after I woke up :)

So today I just had to get some sewing done. I made Erin a Beachy Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns that I purchased from Go To Patterns. I love how it came out! The pattern was very easy to sew. The instructions were really great and I finished the shirt in about an hour and a half - not too bad for me since this was the first time I used this pattern. The fabric for the shirt came from and it is Laguna stretch cotton Jersey Knit in Amethyst. I originally bought the fabric to make a dress for myself but decided Erin was more in need of spring shirts than I was in need of a dress. (I did have plenty of fabric though that I was able to make myself a tunic as well. That is a post for another day though;)) Erin was very excited to see the shirt when she came home and hammed it up for the camera. I love how the shirt looks with the capri leggings she had on!

Seriously could not get the kid to stay still for a single picture! Oh well, at least she likes her new shirt!

Tomorrow I am determined to finish a Flashback skinny tee and a bubble skirt - very ambitious!

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  1. I love this look with leggings, so cute!! My daughter always wants to wear leggings as pants, and a top like this would be a perfect match. How does this pattern finish the neckline? She looks so happy twirling around in it. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I really love hoe this top looks with the leggings too. The neckline has a facing so it gives it a really nice finish. I always have trouble with adding a neckband to a knit top so this pattern was perfect for me!

    2. That should say how - I really need to go to bed lol


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