Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter KCW - day 1 & 2

Today is day 2 of KCW. I spent day 1 cutting fabric for two items I'd like to sew for the week. I even did prep work on Sunday - go me not procrastinating this time! I usually have grand plans of what I am going to sew during KCW and never manage to sew everything I want, so this time I'm keeping it simple. I only have plans for sewing three items and if I sew more - awesome. But if I only get to the three things I planned on that's okay. I need to stop stressing about sewing entire wardrobes in one week and just focus on the joy of actually sewing. And I really enjoyed sewing this first item, mistakes and all:

Looks pretty good on the hanger, right? Oh wait, what's that pleat in the back? Oh yeah, I didn't take into account that there was like zero stretch in the fabric I used for the cowl piece and had to create a pleat in the back bodice to help make the cowl line up so I could sew it on. Okay not a horrible disaster.....and then Erin came home from school and I had her try it on:

Uhhh... it's a wee bit too big on the tiny lass! I cut a 6, I really should have cut a 5 - then I could have used the 6 cowl piece and I probably wouldn't have had a problem. And hindsight is 20/20.

So the overall fit isn't terrible. The sleeves are too long but I'll fix that (who am i kidding here). The back doesn't look fabulous. The pleat makes the sleeves too pulled in *sigh*. I had similar fit issues last week with this peanut. I really need to pay more attention to her measurements when selecting pattern size. Please don't let my mistakes fool you - this is an AWESOME pattern!! The instructions are great and the sweater sewed up pretty quick. It's also the first time I used my serger for the entire garment construction. I usually baste with my machine first but that just adds unnecessary time. I was always scared of attaching sleeves using just the serger but I went slow remembering to remove the pins before they even got close to the knife. Despite my miscalculations, I really love this sweater! I love it so much I wish it came in my size. I am definitely thinking of ways to use the paisley for a shirt or shift dress for myself.

The Details:
The Pattern: Bimaa Sweater by LouBee Clothing patterns size 6
The Fabric: main sweater - Sew Classic Knit Interlock in Tile Blue from Joann Fabric and for the cowl - Sew Classic Peachskin in Ocean Paisley from Joann Fabric
Trims/Notions: none

Pretty good start to KCW despite my lame sizing for my little girl. I hope to not make this mistake again. I just get so nervous that if I modify the pattern too much it won't fit or sew up right. Ugh, anyone else have these issues?

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