Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4 Years Old

This little guy is four years old today! Four! Not a baby or toddler anymore but a big kid! Happy birthday to our adorable, funny, smart, lil ham! You make our family complete!

Here are four things about you on your fourth birthday:

1. your favorite color is orange.

2. you LOVE cars, trucks and legos. They are your favorites things to play with.

3. you do not use the pronoun "I". Every sentence that should start with "I" you replace with "my". ie: "My like to play with legos." "My like cookies." "My tired." It is very cute!

4. you are very funny and can quote movie lines like a champ! Favorites being Home Alone and Despicable Me.

Happy Birthday John Michael!!!! aka lil ham, Mad Jack, Jack Man Jack, Jack the Kid, Jack Attack! ;)
Mommy, Daddy and Erin love you so much!!!

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