Monday, July 9, 2012

Erin's Graduation Dress - A Cottage Mama pattern

My little lady graduated from pre-school at the end of June. The school she attended held an adorable ceremony for the children. The theme was "Spirit of Americana". The children practiced for weeks all the patriotic songs they would sing and the lines that they had to say. Erin was part of a group that talked about George Washington. Her line was, "George Washington's face appears on the one dollar bill". She said it perfectly and without any help from her teacher! It was such a great little ceremony and the kids definitely had fun and did a wonderful job of entertaining the parents!
Erin requested a pretty dress to wear for her special day and I was happy to oblige! (She really didn't have to ask...I had been hoarding some Sandi Henderson Meadow Sweet fabric since the beginning of the school year for a dress for her graduation!)
Erin did pick out the pattern for the dress. I was going to use The Janey Jumper pattern from The Cottage Mama but when Lindsay's new patterns came out, Erin happened to be looking at them with me and she asked if I could please get her the Ruby Ruffle Dress pattern instead. She loved that the dress had ruffles on it! Since I have an obsession  a love for the Cottage Mama patterns, I placed the order right away. I have both the Janey Jumper pattern and the Shortcake Reversible Romper and dress pattern. These patterns are very easy to follow and the finished garment is adorable and has a professional look.
The Ruby Ruffle dress pattern is no exception. I love how the dress turned out and so did Erin! Again, the instructions were very easy to follow. I love that there are actual photos along the way of each step. Much easier to see what you need to do than looking at an illustration.

Ruby Ruffle Dress size 4 in Sandi Henderson Meadow sweet

Top of dress details - I used fabric covered buttons

Ruffle detail
Side view

Back view - love these beautiful flowers

Having fun dancing in her new dress!

I just love how this dress came out and so did Erin! She is requesting another Ruby Ruffle dress and I am looking forward to making more and trying out the different views that the pattern suggests. :)

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