Thursday, April 26, 2012

PR&P Week 3: Earth Day Challenge

The challenge for week three of Project Run and Play is an Earth Day challenge, which means the contestants and sew along participants have to create an outfit using all organic materials, recycled materials or up-cycling old clothing. I decided to create an outfit for Erin by up-cycling an old polo shirt and pair of cargo pants that were mine. I loved both of these pieces so I am so happy that they are getting a second life as new clothes for Erin!

For the polo shirt, I decided to turn it into a peasant shirt of sorts. I used this tutorial from Create Kids Couture for most of the shirt. I used the original sleeves from my polo shirt and the original hem line so I did not create new sleeves or add elastic to them. I wanted to keep a lot of the original elements from the polo shirt just give it a bit of a twist.

Peasant shirt with original sleeves and hem line

I even re-created the slit that was in the original shirt

I even used the little embroidered frog from the shirt to make a fabric covered button hair tie

For the pants, I used an old pair of cargo pants that I had and created a pair of capri pants using the capri pant pattern from the Carina Gardner Playdate Outfit. I added some of the buttons from the original pants to the bottom of the capri legs and at the waist to add a little detail. I also used the original hem line from the cargo pants so I did not need to hem the capris - bonus!!

From cargo pants to capri pants

Button detail on waistband

Button detail on side of pant leg

This sew along challenge was a lot of fun! It was cool to create a new outfit from clothes that would have otherwise been discarded. It was also the first time that I sewed with knit fabric and I was a little nervous but it was not that hard. I feel a little better about knits and will definitely sew more with them in the future. Again it was another win for me in that Erin loved her new outfit especially because it used to me mine :) She is too sweet!

Little ham!

Silly pose


  1. Awesome job Meghan!I believe I bought that frog shirt first time around!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes I believe you did get me that shirt :) It was one of my favorites so I am glad I could find a way for it to live on!

  2. I would totally wear that outfit. I have a stash of loved clothes that I'm hoping to upcycle for my girls. Probably unrealistic to think I will get to them all but I just can't part with them, especially seeing how cute your outfit turned out.


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