Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kitchen Organization

So for a few months now I have been  pleading, begging, demanding asking Kevin very nicely to build a shelf for the kitchen. I didn't want anything fancy, just something to help de-clutter the counter and free my canisters from the piles of stuff that accumulates on top of them.  It was becoming very frustrating not being able to just pull out a canister of flour or sugar when I needed it. Instead I had to move mail, sunglasses, keys, wallets etc out of the way first. We basically put anything that we didn't want the kids to touch on top of the canisters and other random things would wind up on the counter around them. This is a picture of what the counter looked like:
Such a mess - this is seriously what it looked like on a daily basis - embarassing!

And this is what the counter looks like now!

Ahhh organization and easy access to my canisters!

Here is my wonderful husband installing the new shelf

look at all that free counter space

Kevin and I each have our own cubbies and there is one for the mail - just what we needed!

Mine is the one on the left, mail in the middle and Kevin gets the right (notice the "Backyard Sugarin'" book in Kevin's cubby? That is another post coming soon :))

It is so nice having my counter back again! Maybe I'll be able to get Kevin to guest blog one day on how he made the shelf. We'll see ;)


  1. Great idea! Where did you get the shelf? I need something like that in my kitchen.

    1. Thank Sarah! My husband built the shelf for me from a sketch I made. It has really been a great addition.


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