Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring KCW Day 2-5

Yikes! Okay so today is officially day 5 but I never posted about the last few days so here goes:

 Day 2: I sewed up a Recess Raglan for my little slugger. Jack starts tee ball in a couple of weeks and is very excited about it so I thought this would be the perfect shirt to make and it has been on my to do list ever since I purchased the Alphabet Collection from Pattern Anthology back in August. (Hello my name is Meghan and I am a pattern hoarder)
And here is another before school photo shoot - please ignore the water spots on his shirt from him brushing his teeth. I'm just glad they are not tooth paste gobs like usual.

raven photo bomb

this is his "up to no good" face - we see it a lot around here

The Details:
Pattern: Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew from Pattern Anthology's Alphabet Collection size 4
Fabric: two of my husband's old shirts
Trim/Notions: thread (so exciting!)
Notes: I used the existing hems on both shirts for the hem of the shirt and sleeves making this a very quick sew.

Jack loved his new shirt. I hardly ever sew for the poor boy so when I showed this to him Wednesday morning is face lite up as he said "This is for me?!" So cute! Unlike his sister who is harder to please these days, which brings me to...

Day 3: And nothing to show but this pic from Instagram.

I spent the hour tracing out a pattern and cutting out the fabric for a sweet little dress and was about to start sewing when Erin came over and said "Umm I don't know if I'll wear that"
Seriously kid?! So I put it aside feeling a little defeated. But I am going to tackle it today and hope that once it is all done, Erin might feel differently about it. Fingers crossed.

Day 4: I hemmed some pants for my friend's son. Not really what the whole idea of KCW is about but I sewed for a kid so I'm counting it.

 Day 5: I am going to work on finishing that dress in the hopes that Erin will at least wear it so I can take pics. Wish me luck....

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