Friday, October 25, 2013

Flip This Pattern

This month went by so fast! I can't believe it is time to vote already. The other contestants had some amazing flips! I am seriously up against some stiff competition! I'm bring my "flipped" post home today but don't forget to head over to Frances Suzanne to vote for your favorite "flip"!!

Flip This


To say I was speechless when I received an email from Ashley and Emily to be a part of a sewing competition on their blog would be an understatement! I was beyond excited that they asked me if I wanted to be a competitor and jumped at the chance to sign up! Right away I knew that I wanted to try the Sunki Dress and Leggings Pattern by Figgy's. There was something very cool about this pattern and something about it that said coat to me. Erin was definitely going to need a new fall coat so the timing was perfect!

 I present to you my Flipped version of the Sunki Dress and Leggings:

I found this super soft plaid fabric at Joann and just thought it would be perfect for my flip. And perfect for the fall weather we are having here in the Hudson Valley. For me, plaid always seems to be a preppy fabric and preppy makes me think of college so that is how the Collegiate Cutie was born! I had a lot of fun styling and photographing Erin in this outfit and she had a lot of fun as my model! She was very excited to head to one of the local colleges and don a pair of my old eyeglasses (lenses popped out of course!) and immerse herself into some Shakespeare. She might have had more fun with this photo shoot than I did…which is a first!


The Details:
Pattern: The Sunki Dress and Leggings by Figgy’s – size 4/5 width and size 6/7 length. To create the coat I cut the back pattern piece out on the fold and cut the front piece out as two separate pieces with two inches added to the center to allow for the button placket. I also took out the hidden pockets from the front by piecing together the front pattern piece and the side panel pattern piece to create one pattern piece for the front of the dress.
Instead of facings, I cut out full pieces of lining fabric (sleeves are fully lined as well) so that the coat would be fully lined with no exposed seams. I added pockets to the front of the coat, lining up the plaid to make them “disappear” into the coat.

I also added elbow patches to the sleeves made out of some scrap home decor fabric I had on hand.
For the leggings: size 4/5 The only change that I made was to use 1” elastic in the waist band and add velvet trim to the sides.

Fabric: Plaiditudes Brushed Cotton in Black, Grey and Camel for main/outer fabric.  Sew Classic Knit Solid Interlock in Cornstalk for the lining and the leggings. Both fabrics purchased at Joann. Elbow patch grey home decor fabric - not sure where I got it!

Notions/Trim: Black La Mode buttons. Black velvet ¾” trim to line the side of the leggings. All purchased at Joann

Thank you so much for inviting me Ashley and Emily! I had such a wonderful time “flipping” this amazing pattern by Figgy’s! I really love how it came out and I hope you do as well! 



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