Monday, July 1, 2013

Washi and a haircut - two bits! (lame title i know!)

Hello! I finally took my sewing machine out of vacation mode and finished up my Washi tunic. Hooray! It only took me ten weeks to finish it - such a procrastinator!

Well, in all fairness to myself, other projects just took priority. But I really wanted to finish what I started back in April. It has been sitting on a dress form (borrowed from my awesome friend Angela) staring at me for too long. Today I decided we were not going anywhere. We have been on the move all week and just needed a day of rest. Plus the weather has been iffy and today we had a big rain storm so outdoor activities were not happening anyway. Which made me feel much better about staying indoors ;)

So, I finished my Washi tunic and I love it! It was easy to sew thanks to Rae's awesome instructions and a little help from this tutorial - I was intimidated about sewing with elastic thread until I watched this. The fabric I used is Global Garden by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabric. I purchased it well over a year ago as part of a fabric de-stash that The Cottage Mama had in her shop. I looked around on the Andover site and some other fabric sites but it does not seem to be available anymore. It was not my favorite fabric that I purchased, the other fabrics in the bundle are what caused me to make the purchase, but there was about 2 and 1/2 yards of it and I wasn't sure what else to use it for so Washi tunic it became! And I must say, it is really growing on me. The color and print are not what I generally go for in clothing for myself but I like it. And it it very comfortable and soft.

first time shirring anything!

I did make a muslin first (something I admit I never do). And it fit perfect. I cut out the size medium and started to sew it together and then it sat, for ten weeks. In those ten weeks I have been really exercising and watching what I eat so the tunic is a little big. You can't really notice in the pictures but the neckline is a little loose and it does have a slight maternity shirt look to it because the skirt part of the tunic sticks out a bit. I think I just might be able to sew a small next time. I still love this shirt though and I will wear it. I can't wait to sew the dress version. I already have some fabric set aside for one that my mom got me for my birthday (she also purchased me the Washi pattern for my birthday - she rocks!)

So here are the two best pics of me in my new Washi Tunic:

nice headless shot

nice cheesy pose and here is where the haircut part of the title comes in - I chopped it off!

Thank you to my husband for taking these fabulous pictures ha! I really don't know if I will ever get used to having my picture taken for the blog. It is way more fun to photograph the kids! I am loving my new tunic and sewing for myself. I also am in love with my new haircut! I have been wanting to cut it short for awhile now and decided last week to go for it. I was down at my parents' house on Long Island so I went to visit my favorite hairdresser Jessica - check out her Facebook fan page here. Despite the fact that I have been living upstate for eight and a half years now, I still go to Jessica to get my hair cut. She is awesome so why change right? Plus we went to high school together so I have know her for way longer than I would like to admit ;)

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  1. love love love it! So getting this pattern for myself!

    1. Thank you so much! Go for it! It's such a great pattern :)

  2. It turned out great, congratulations! (clicked over from the Washi pool) :)
    Lisa in Port Hope

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and for clicking over!

  3. I love your washi! the color is so great. I too, never make a muslin. ha... I love winging it. though at the suggestion of many, I did make one for my washi!

    1. Thank you so much!! I know I always think muslins are a waste of time and fabric but I too am glad I made one for this!


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