Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kids Clothes Week (In my case, I should really call it Kids Clothes Day)

So two weeks ago started the first ever Summer KCW. I am so excited that KCW is going to be a quarterly event and I am really looking forward to Fall KCW already considering all I managed for the summer session was a pair of shorts :(

I had intentions of sewing shorts and tees for both kids but all I managed was this pair of shorts for Erin using Dana's Kids Shorts Pattern and an appliqued store bought tee. Oh well...there is always the fall!

I think she likes her new outfit!

Added a goat applique with a template from Aesthetic Nest you can purchase here.

rick rack trim on the pockets

Erin pretending to be a black bear - umm okay ha!

"shorts are good for jumping around mom"

fabric is from Joann purchased last year. it is cotton but that is all i know!

Dana's pattern is so easy to use and all the great tutorials on her site are very helpful! The shorts came together quickly and I even serged all the inside seams so they look pretty on the inside as well. I made a size 5 but used the size 4 elastic measurements for my skinny almost 6 year old. I probably could have cut a size 4 as the shirts are a bit roomy but hopefully that just means they will still fit her next summer.

Hopefully I have more success in the fall! And can get something sewn for Jack!

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  1. I love the coordinating goat! ~ Major Moma

    1. Thank you so much! We love goats in our house....like would love to have a pet goat kind of love ;)

  2. The whole thing is so stinkin cute! I am a personal fan of that giant ric-rac around the pockets. I have been looking for a reason to buy it!
    great job Momma!
    with love

    1. Thank you so much Jo! I love the giant Rick rack too! I have quite the collection of it in assorted colors :)

  3. LOVE that rick rack! My KCW was a bit of a bust too....the last day of it was spent seam ripping a pair of shorts only to realize I had sewed them upside down. That little part where Dana recommends marking the waist and legs for boy shorts...it's important! Ha. Oh, and love that you put a goat on her shirt :)

    1. Thanks Monica! Oh I have done that with the boy shorts as well :( No fun!
      I think the goat is going to need to make an appearance on a shirt for Jack too ;)

  4. oh, I love these!!! the shorts are awesome- I've made one pair that were a little snug, so i'm excited to go up a size and try again. the ric-rack is so sweet.

    1. Thanks Erin!! I was so excited that my daughter liked them since she prefers skirts and dresses over shorts!


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