Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Item!

I am very excited to introduce a new item for sale...Gadget Cases! These cases are great for storing various gadgets that you may have. It fits most cell phones, smart phones, iPods, even small digital cameras. There is a pocket on the interior of the case where you can store your ID, money, ear buds for your iPod, extra battery for your camera or stickers (which is what my 3 1/2 year old told me!) There is a small bolt snap on the side of the case so that you can attach your case to your keys, pocket book or belt loop. A Velcro tab closure keeps your items safely inside. A great item for traveling light on outings.(or to help you travel light on outings...with two kiddies under the age of four "traveling light" is still a foreign concept!)
As with my other items, fabric choice is up to you! Choose two coordinating fabrics from the fabric sets on the right side of the page - one for the exterior fabric and one for the interior fabric. Gadget Cases are lined with cotton batting and interfacing to keep your gadgets cozy. Cost of the Gadget Case is $15.00.
                                                                   Gadget Case in Delovely
                                                                                 fits iPods
                                      and small digital cameras (sorry this pic is not great-I took it with my phone)

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