Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebrate the Boy

Have you been following the Celebrate the Boy series over at Made and Made by Rae? They have been sewing up some seriously awesome boy clothes the last two weeks. I love that they do this series. It is pretty easy to sew cute things for Erin, there is a lot out in blogland that is centered around sewing for girls but not so much for boys. It is so great to see fun stuff to sew for boys and get inspired.

I was definitely inspired by Dana and Rae to sew up a fun outfit for Jack in honor of Celebrate the Boy and to add to his wardrobe for the spring/summer. I used Rae's FlashBack Skinny tee pattern for an up-cycled short sleeve shirt and Dana's Kid's Pants tutorial for some shorts. I had a shirt of Kevin's in my up-cycle bin for about a year now so I figured it was about time to make it into something different. I don't think Kevin even wore the shirt. I bought it for him at Abercrombie & Fitch several years ago and he never liked the fit. I am really glad that I saved it though because it turned out to be a pretty cool tee shirt for Jack! And Dana's first post in the series was just the kick start I needed to make the shirt Jack-size. I was able to use the existing hem on the sleeves too which is always a bonus.

original shirt

  For the shorts, I used some left over fabric from the Party Dress Coat that I made Erin during Project Run and Play. On the inside of the pockets, I used some left over fabric from a dress shirt of Kevin's (also an Abercrombie & Fitch purchase that never fit right *sigh*) that I had from the first dress I ever made Erin using another of Dana's tutorials.  I had to hem the shorts twice. They were a little long the first time so hopefully they will last him all summer if he has a growth spurt. They are still a little long but I was going for more of a board short look so I am pretty pleased with the length now. Jack likes his new duds so that's cool ;)

nice cheesy smile

thinking pose

I like how the pocket lining pokes out just a bit

nice big pockets to hid his treasures

Jack says his new clothes are good for tumbling

And this is where Jack said "no more pictures mommy!"

I have a polo shirt that I made too that just needs buttons and button holes put in and another pair of shorts cut out that I need to sew up. I am just deciding on how I want to add the pockets. I know I want to put faux welt pockets in the back but not sure how I want the front pockets. I have some time since summer is still a few months away. Make sure to head over and check out Dana and Rae's archives here and here and the Celebrate the Boy Flickr Group.

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  1. Nice job with the up-cycled tee-shirt! I have saved a pile of my husband's rejects, and this is what I want to do with them. Cool shorts too!

    1. Thank you so much!! It is definitely fun to give new life to old tee's finding the time to get through them all that is challenging!

  2. These are cute! I like how that pocket lining shows, too. I like those long hems, they seem to grow taller before they grow wider :)

    1. Thank you so much! And you are so right, they do grow taller before they grow wider! I'm hoping I just might get two summers out of these shorts!


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